We're delighted to announce a new partnership with software company Uniform.

Uniform uses Jamstack, a modern web development technology that makes the web faster, more secure, and easier to scale.

Uniform and Sitecore

Uniform for Sitecore uses the Jamstack ecosystem. It uses modern technologies like Gatsby, Next, Nuxt Azure, Oracle and more, to significantly improve the performance of websites running on the Sitecore Experience Platform.

For example, Sitecore content can be easily managed, and applications deployed to whichever Content Delivery Network (CDN) you choose, whether it be Akamai, AWS, Azure, Cloudflare or Netlify.

Speed up personalisation

Showing relevant content to your website visitors can make or break a user experience. Showing the right content at the right time, and at speed, is the key.

Uniform uses a headless approach. It decouples personalisation from the page delivery process. This reduces the cost of running your Sitecore website, enhances the customer experience and improves ROI.

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Edge based personalisation reduces the risk of your website running slow. The performance-optimised environment delivers relevant content in 15-50 milliseconds - that's 20 times faster than a Sitecore website not using Uniform!

As a Uniform partner we can help you deliver personalisation at scale with impressive speed, and with unlimited capabilities.

From using real time visitor data to data stored in your CRM, you're able to get the right content to the right visitors extremely quickly.

We're looking forward to working with this new technology to deliver outstanding Sitecore websites to our customers.

Our development team is ready to improve the performance of your Sitecore website.

If you want to find out more about speeding up your Sitecore website using Uniform, get in touch.