Navigating through a difficult year has highlighted the need for more flexibility and agility for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) to meet both challenging and changing demands.

Considering this, and as part of its 1.2 billion investment plans of disruption and accelerated growth, Sitecore purchased Boxever and Four51 in multimillion pound deals.

But who are these companies and what do these acquisitions mean for businesses using, or who plan on using, Sitecore as their DXP?


Founded in 2011, Boxever is an Irish company specialising in SaaS-based Customer Data Platforms.

Mainly serving the travel sector with clients like Ryan Air, Aer Lingus, and Emirates, Boxever uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver personalised experiences to brands.

Businesses using Boxever benefit from advanced segmentation and a 360-degree view of their customers.

What's more, the real-time decisioning and experimentation adds greater engagement and more relevancy to every user experience.

Joining forces with Sitecore creates a disruptive proposition that will redefine what’s possible for the industry, enabling organisations of all sizes to create seamless, data-driven experiences in any channel... Dave O’ Flanagan, Chief Executive, Boxever.

The addition of Boxever to Sitecore's portfolio expands and enhances its powerful AI personalisation tools.

It will enable businesses to easily capture customer data and deliver omni channel contextualised experiences at scale.

Talk to us to hear how Boxever can be implemented with your web solution.

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Four51 was founded in 1999 in Minneapolis to solve the problem of B2B order management.

Its OrderCloud Platform is an API-first, headless ecommerce solution specialising in delivering modern B2B and B2C experiences.

Businesses on the OrderCloud platform can deliver engaging shopping experiences to their customers, helping improve the overall customer experience, increase satisfaction, and promote loyalty and advocacy.

The completion of our acquisition of Four51 is an exciting milestone. Steve Tzikakis, CEO, Sitecore.

The offerings of Four51 fall in line with Sitecore’s existing B2C capabilities. It will offer businesses even more capabilities to create memorable experiences with potentially lower investment outlays.

Adding Four51 to its portfolio strengthens Sitecore's position as a market leading digital experience provider.

We're looking forward to the potential Boxever and Four51 can offer our Sitecore customers. If you're using Sitecore and want to get even more out of it, or you're thinking of adopting it as your chosen DXP, then get in touch.