Sitecore, a global leader in digital experience, continues its ambitious £1.2 billion growth plan with the acquisition of Moosend.

With previous purchases of Boxever and Four51, Sitecore has strengthened its position in the 'experience' sector. It is sending a strong signal to experience-minded businesses that the future is bright.

What is Moosend?

Moosend is a powerful all-in-one automation and AI-powered customer engagement platform. In addition to the usual email features like creating, sending/automating and tracking emails, It also has personalisation capabilities. These will allow marketers to further engage, nurture, and convert customer relationships.

Moosend's advanced feature set is perfectly geared to lifecycle marketing. Campaigns can be deployed and measured with automated workflows across the entire customer journey.

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We believe that this environment is actually an opportunity for enterprise customers to make once-in-a-generation leaps forward in terms of human connection, customer acquisition, and brand loyalty. Steve Tzikakis, Chief Executive Officer of Sitecore.

Moosend and Sitecore

The digital marketing capabilities of Moosend complement Sitecore. Its purchase represents an exciting opportunity. And with Moosend now part of Sitecore’s suite of products, marketers can deliver exceptional experiences on an industry leading platform.

We're looking forward to Moosend's potential and what it can offer our Sitecore customers. If you're using Sitecore and want the best out of it, or you're thinking of adopting it as your chosen digital experience platform, get in touch with us.