In addition to building amazing digital experiences for our customers, we believe that delivering valuable insights into visitor activity is just as important.

Our certified analytics experts work with our customers to define their strategic objectives, goals and KPIs. This helps us to understand and measure website and mobile app performance. These KPIs are captured in a measurement framework, a living document which maps KPIs back to company objectives.

Goal, objective and KPI
Example of Goal, Objective & KPIs

Having a concrete data collection foundation is key to ensuring that marketing spend is optimised and insights generated from data is actionable. We provide reporting services to monitor KPIs on an ongoing basis in a frequency that’s relevant, be that daily, weekly, or monthly.

This approach enables us to identify opportunities for new digital activities and present the findings/recommendations in an easy-to-understand format, and that's the key; a clear visualisation of complex analytics data that specifically align with business goals and aspirations.

Whilst Google Analytics is the dominant analytics platform for most of our customers, we have experience across a range of tools and platforms such as Adobe Analytics, Motomo Analytics and Sitecore Analytics (if you happen to be using Sitecore as your preferred experience platform). We also use Microsoft Excel, Google Data Studio (GDS), Tableau and Power BI for data visualisation. These tools enable connection to other data sources, offline or online.

Our Analytics service frees up your resources internally to focus on other areas to deliver more value for your business leaving our experts to focus on delivering meaningful insights.

We use a defined framework based on three pillars to assess analytics maturity and ensure robust data capture and optimisation for all our customers. The pillars listed below encompass multiple touchpoints which are essential to the success of our customers across owned and earned media.

Analytics maturity pillars

  1. Foundation: Website/ Mobile apps and digital campaign tracking optimisation
  2. Realisation: Provide actionable insights
  3. Optimisation: Website and digital campaign optimisation - test and learn processes applied

We utilise our analytics expertise to implement a delivery plan which aligns with the analytics maturity pillars mentioned above.

This plan is presented in a document which is agreed by all stakeholders, and is used as a reference guide in any conversation relating to data collection or processing.

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Data accuracy

Data accuracy is absolutely important with regards to delivering meaningful and impactful insights.

At Codehouse we don’t take that for granted. We use our website development skills to separate the business and visual elements of a website.

A data layer for instance, transposes business data requirements into an abstract data layer. This information is then passed to all marketing tools via your website’s tag management tools. This approach ensures consistent data is captured across all marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Criteo etc. These tools all refer to one source of data truth, which is the information presented in the data layer.

The power of using a data layer enables the extraction of data such as pattern matches, goals, and personalisation events from Sitecore's Experience Database (xDB). This is surfaced in the data layer and then passed to Google Analytics. At the end of the process the data collected can then be visualised in a tool such as GDS.

In addition, a simple event trigger added to Sitecore components can enable the measurement of how many visitors clicked on that specific component. This is a great way to measure the effectiveness of how components in your Sitecore instance perform.

How we delivered greater insights

In addition to the support and ongoing Sitecore optimisation of our customer’s website, we were also tasked with delivering actionable insights and dashboards showing detailed reports for reach and engagement, campaign conversion rate tracking and optimisation.

As part of our Sitecore Optimisation service, our Digital Experience team undertook an initial Digital Marketing Review. This enabled us to carry out data analysis of our customer’s audiences and the ways in which they are served by their digital presence.

On an ongoing engagement, we’re working directly with the various marketing teams to advise, optimise and enhance the impact of campaigns and to improve the engagement of its members.

For a recruitment drive for new sign-ups we implemented a two-tier approach which focused on using:

  • Sitecore’s marketing tools 
  • Google Analytics

Sitecore’s marketing tools

After reviewing the customer’s marketing plan, we put forward recommendations for:

  • Creating campaigns in Sitecore
  • Leveraging Sitecore’s Marketing Taxonomies feature
  • Goal creation and Path maps
  • Personalisation flows i.e., how visitors travel through a journey and what relevant content should be displayed to them
  • Created a Data layer specification
  • Sitecore Experience Analytics dashboard

Experience analytics
Experience Analytics

Google Analytics

We proposed wireframes and created insightful custom Google Data Studio (GDS) dashboards for the main data points of the campaign. The dashboards contained the following insightful metrics bespoke to the customer’s campaign:

  • Visits/Unique visits
  • Social channels
  • Custom funnels to reflect user journeys and drop-offs
  • Bounce rates
  • Clicks
  • ‘Quote’ and ‘Application’ goal tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Real-time reporting
  • Email campaign tracking

Google data studio
Output examples from GDS

Our experts are ready to talk to you about how our Analytics and Sitecore Optimisation services can benefit your business.