The AIDAAttention / Interest / Desire / Action - marketing model, that explains how marketing communications messages engage and involve consumers in brand choice and move them down the funnel to purchase, is powerful - and even more so in our fast-paced digital age.

Offline moves online

How many times have you walked past a shop window and seen something that catches your Attention, be it clothing or a kitchen display or something else?

It's probably initially due to the way the item is displayed or lit in the window. You stop in your tracks or cross the road to look at the item, because it's sparked an Interest.

On closer inspection, you decide you like the item and want it - you've reached the point of Desire.

You then decide to take Action and buy it.

Shop window display 
Shop window display designed to capture attention

The window display technique - using visuals to entice browsers inside to buy - has worked well in retail for decades, and this technique has now transferred online.

In today's quick-swiping world, you only have a few seconds to attract attention and provoke interest, before a browser leaves you.

Capture attention. Fast.

The human brain can process images seen in just 13 milliseconds. Think about that. 13 milliseconds!

Given that most information transmitted to our brain is visual, and the brain processes images faster than text, it is crucial that websites, blogs, and social media posts, use effective visuals, images, and graphics, that immediately spark the interest of the visitor / viewer and increase customer engagement.

A study by Microsoft found that the digital age has made it difficult for humans to stay focused, with our attention span shortening from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. There has been debate whether this is actually true, but one thing is certain - we are living in an increasingly fast-paced world, where people cram a lot into their lives, are time-poor, and expect instant gratification.

It's crucial for your marketing to have high impact, by getting the correct message / information across in a short space of time, with the right image.

Choosing the right image

When choosing images for your website, choosing a relevant, high-impact image is vitally important. This goes for all industries, whether retail, financial services, education, travel, or B2B.

Images stick in people’s minds, evoke thoughts and feelings, and provoke action. Using the wrong image can send out the wrong message, and you could lose a potential customer, and the chance of a conversion.

Woman choosing a website image 
Choosing the right image is hard

Images need to be of premium quality, and selecting the right photographer or stock image is paramount.

And for brands selling products rather than services, it's important to be able to show off your goods in the best possible light, for example high-quality 360° spin visuals work well for clothes, jewellery, luxury items, and even household appliances - consumers want to see the details, especially for high-end products.

When it comes to your website and digital marketing activity, focusing on driving Attention, Interest, and Desire by selecting and using the right imagery, will in turn drive Action - and this means better more conversions and more revenue.

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