Having a rounded SEO strategy means that you have to look beyond your own website. This is referred to as off-page optimisation or off-page SEO.

Off-page optimisation is the process of undertaking activities outside the scope of your website in order to improve its search engine rankings, user perception, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority.

This is achieved with off-page SEO tactics like using reputable online 'places' to promote your website. Things like web pages, social channels and even people can have a positive impact on page rankings.

It's about reputation building! Any reputable referrer is essentially vouching for the quality of your content.

If you've not got great content backed up by solid on-page SEO strategy then off-page SEO won't be impactful - thus affecting your website's domain authority, relevance, and trustworthiness.

In previous articles we looked at what constitutes a technical SEO audit and what you should consider when working on elements within your website i.e. on-page optimisation.

These processes make up phases 1 and 2 of our SEO services.

Phase 3 of our SEO service involves off-page optimisation. Our experts work with your marketing team and content marketers to recommend and deliver an off-page optimisation road map that aligns with your marketing activities.

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Key elements to off-page optimisation

  • Backlinks: This is an important link building tactic. Search engines use backlinks as ranking factors and indicators of your website's quality. There are three types of backlinking (1) Natural/Earning: Earning links is when a relevant website adds a link on their website that points to yours. (2) Manual: Achieved through deliberate link building activities. For example asking influencers to promote your website. (3) Self-created: Links added (by you) to directory websites for example
  • Social media: Promote your content using social media channels and build momentum to your website with links and brand mentions
  • Reviews: Positive customer reviews are a great way to achieve advocacy
  • Forums: These are places with many people sharing the same interests. A perfect place to reach out to a customer segment
  • Guest blogs: Find the right blog and guest blogging can be a great off-page SEO factor
  • Influencers: Use influencers with thousands of followers to promote your brand/website

Below is a snapshot comparison of Phases 1, 2, and 3 of our SEO service:

Seo services phases
SEO services phases

At Codehouse, we perform three important phases that will improve your website’s performance:

  1. Phase 1: Technical SEO Site Audit
  2. Phase 2: On-Page Optimisation
  3. Phase 3: Off-Page Optimisation

If you want to find out more about how we can help your website rank higher than your competitors, talk to our experts.