More Sitecore enhancements are on their way that will add extra tools to the marketer’s and the developer’s toolbox.

Displaying contextualised content to website visitors isn’t anything new. But the way it is being managed and delivered is always evolving.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is paving the way for faster deliverables.

Sitecore Artificial Intelligence Auto Personalisation Standard, which was first piloted with the Microsoft Partner Network, will be available as part of Sitecore 10 in early 2021.

Expanding on Sitecore AI, this new tool is a highly anticipated addition to the Sitecore feature-set. It will enable marketers to deliver contextualised messages to customers more quickly and efficiently.

Sitecore AI Auto Personalisation Standard enables marketers to immediately get started with personalisation, without having to manually define user segments and with no minimum traffic requirements.

AI personalisation is great for ease-of-use and speed to market. Contextualised messages can be put out there in scale, with minimum fuss.

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In addition to personalisation at scale, marketers will also be able to:

  • Use auto personalisation on images, CTAs and more
  • Measure personalisation performance 
  • Track metrics like engagement value, KPIs, bounce rates and more

The ability to personalise at scale is now a must have, and the only real way for brands to accomplish this while accelerating time to value is to leverage AI. Desta Price, Executive Vice President of Product, Sitecore

A premium version will also be available, offering unlimited personalisation and an AI insights dashboard with discovered audiences.

Sitecore AI Auto Personalisation Standard is one of many new feature releases in 2021. If your Sitecore digital transformation project requires personalisation, get in touch and talk to our experts.