The nuts-and-bolts of any content management system (CMS) are pretty much the same.

There's a site tree, showing the website architecture, which section of the website each page lies in, and the relationship between pages; a content pane where you can create / modify pages and add content; and a media library that contains all your images, videos, and anything you might want your website visitors to download, such as a PDF leaflet.

Sitecore is exactly the same.

Most brands choose Sitecore as their website platform because of its personalisation capabilities, and its many digital marketing features, from email marketing to marketing automation to allowing a 360-degree customer view through its ability to sync different systems and datasets together. It really is a very powerful platform indeed.

But ultimately you first need to know how to create new pages!

Getting a new website and a new CMS in Sitecore can be very exciting for brands.

It is often a large investment, driven by objectives for business change or improvement or as part of a corporate-wide charge for digital transformation, which means it comes with huge expectations - both in terms of business results and ease-of-use of the CMS to make a difference.

But if your marketing team doesn't know your new website inside and out, and how they can use the website to hit their marketing objectives and business goals, then achieving improvement, both in the short- and long-term, could be a hard slog.

That's why Sitecore training is vital.

Designed to enable your marketing and content management teams to fully understand your new CMS and the relationships between pages, content, and modules, we carry out completely bespoke Sitecore training sessions to ensure Sitecore is fully understood, embraced, and championed within your organisation.

Either held at your offices or our own, our Sitecore training is tailored to your requirements, and quickly gives your marketing and content teams the confidence to quickly and easily build pages within Sitecore - so that they can immediately show gains against marketing objectives and deliver improvements in business results.

Want to talk?

If you're considering Sitecore as your new web platform, you already use Sitecore and need help in how to make the best of it, or you're interested in us providing some Sitecore training, then just get in touch.

Whatever your requirements, we'd be happy to help.