Colt Data Centre Services' new multilingual website is driving new business opportunities around the world, and bringing recognition to the marketing team at the highest levels.


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Winner of 2018 Sitecore Experience Award in 'Fastest Time to Market' category.

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Designed to help visitors easily find their way to what they need.

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Multi-language - English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and German.

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Interactive map personalises the journey for visitors.

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Over 50% increase in traffic.

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Revenue pipeline growing dramatically.

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With an international audience, expansion plans in Japan, and a push to sell more hybrid hosting and EDGE connectivity solutions, Colt DCS needed to increase the number of leads from their website, cater to people visiting on mobile devices, and speak to them in a language they understand.

Their ultimate goal was to get visitors to complete a form and book a tour at one of their data centres. They knew from experience that people who book a tour are more likely to become customers.

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Personalised journeys

Migrating from WordPress to Sitecore, from icons, infographics, templates, and modules, the website was designed to help visitors easily find their way to what they need, whether content to educate, PDFs to download, or the clever interactive maps function.

Integrated with Google Maps, and displaying key information about Colt DCS locations all around the world, clicking a data centre location in the interactive map personalises the journey for the visitor by offering them a data sheet download specific to the data centre they have selected.

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Driving results

Since going live, the Colt DCS website has seen over a 50 percent increase in traffic from potential customers in Japan and elsewhere, and the website is performing very well from an SEO point of view, with more traffic going directly to many more of the data centre location information pages.

Most importantly, they have seen a significant increase in website visitors filling in a contact us form, asking for a quote, and booking a data centre tour – the place where they know they’re able to convert leads into customers.

Visit the new Colt DCS website at

Our new website is a real game-changer for us. We’re already seeing more potential customers finding the locations of our data centres around the world, and more relevant leads coming through to boost our revenue pipeline.
Brent Dewhurst, digital marketing manager - Colt DCS

About Colt Data Centre Services

Colt Data Centre Services is a leading carrier-neutral data centre operator, trusted by globally-recognised customers to provide service and security, large scale data centres, and data centre colocation services. Colt Data Centre Services has been designing, building and operating large scale data centres and providing data centre colocation services for more than 15 years. Over 1,000 customers in the world’s most data-critical industries trust us to secure their information in our 24 carrier-neutral data centres across Europe and Asia.


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24 worldwide