Housing Industry Association Australia has seen a huge lift in visits from members out in the field, and a massive increase in ecommerce sales...


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90% increase in visits and 15% increase in return visits.

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114% increase in ecommerce sales.

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885% increase in visits from members on mobile / tablet.

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107% increase in membership conversations.

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161% increase in members logging in to access personalised dashboard.

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With objectives to be the go-to source for all information on the residential building industry, and to increase revenue, membership retention and acquisition, HIA needed to cater to various customer types – from policy stakeholders including state and federal governments, and HIA members heavily reliant on mobile for their day-to-day operations.

HIA needed a Sitecore agency that could turn their website into one that was fully optimised for mobile devices, with a new design that would fit with their brand image, and where information was easily prioritised and accessible.

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Customer-focused UX

Codehouse conducted customer journey mapping research and numerous UX tests to identify the impact of website look-and-feel in terms of colours and page layouts, including where call-to-action buttons are placed, when viewed on a mobile or tablet device in a construction setting with the sun blaring down on the screen.

After creating website UX prototypes of what colours and layouts work best for HIA members, Codehouse designed and implemented a new, modern look-and-feel for the HIA website, ensuring that it was fully responsive, so that the HIA could deliver a seamless experience for current and potential new members across Australia, and hit their long-term acquisition and retention objectives.

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Driving results

Since going live, the HIA website has seen a 90% increase in visits, a 15% increase in return visits, and a 12% improvement in bounce rate. Showing the value of a responsive website for use by members out in the field, the website has seen a 885% increase in visits from mobile / tablet.

Even more importantly, HIA has seen a 107% increase in membership conversations, and 114% increase in ecommerce sales. The website has also seen a 161% increase in members logging in to website to access personalised dashboard.

Visit the HIA website at hia.com.au

We’re absolutely delighted with our new responsive website. The insight, direction and leadership provided by Codehouse has been invaluable. The changes delivered during this project have seen amazing results, favourable feedback from users, and far and away more uplift in sales than we were expecting.
Ben Brooker, general manager - digital at Housing Industry Association

About Housing Industry Association

Housing Industry Association (HIA) is the official body of Australia’s home building industry, representing the interests of the housing industry at regional and national levels for more than 60 years, with an extensive membership programme supporting residential builders, trade contractors, developers, design professionals, kitchen and bathroom specialists, manufacturers and suppliers.


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