An IGI survey revealed that 98% of organisations have online data they need to keep - or want to keep - for more than ten years.

MirrorWeb can help. It is a cloud-native web and social media archiving solution for financial services firms, governments and international organisations across the private and public sector.

Whether you have statutory, regulatory and/or legal obligations to archive your digital content, you require intellectual property protection, or for cultural and historical significance, MirrorWeb is able to capture and archive all of your websites - no matter the size, no matter the complexity.

Every archive is time-stamped, immutable and held as legally admissible records that you own. All records are ISO/WORM compliant and can be accessed on-demand.

MirrorWeb is perfect if your organisations needs to comply with: Record-Keeping: FINRA, SEC, FCA, ESMA and MiFID; Accessibility: ACA, CMA; Legal: Rule 901 Authenticating Evidence, BS 10008; Public Sector: UK Public Records Act, Freedom of Information Act.

As a MirrorWeb partner our team can help with your archiving requirements.

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