The challenge of great product development is that it’s very hard to know from the outset exactly the best way to solve customers’ challenges, let alone be clear about exactly what challenges they face.

Rather than investing heavily in the first solution that we can come up with, Rapid Prototyping enables us to test concepts faster and at a lower cost. This shorter feedback loop enables us to build better and more efficient solutions.

Rapid Prototyping delivers value for customers and the business

Our approach to rapid prototyping

We use tools that enable us to create functioning simulacra, that test the value we’re trying to deliver to users, without the cost of building everything “for real” in a full production system.

With appropriate validation from our prototypes we help our customers build confidence that they are going to deliver value to their users and business. This helps develop the business case and get the appropriate funding to build the next version of the product with the required level of extra complexity.

Rapid prototyping codehouse

When do we create prototypes?

We create prototypes of all sorts, from using just pen and paper, to videos, to real working websites with functioning code.

Our Design Sprints involve the creation of a prototype which we test with our target users. But prototypes are developed at any point in an idea’s lifecycle – it’s just our way of being pragmatic and effective with the time we have to deliver real value into the world.

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Featured work
Featured work
wagamama takeout case study

Increase in sales for award winning wagamama take-out

wagamama take-out’s challenge was to create an overall better customer experience online to improve website conversion and operationally create a site that was easier to maintain and manage.


increase in traffic

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More Digital Experience