Usability testing isn't just something to be done when a new website, new system, or new functionality goes live.

It's important to test design, user journeys, and conversion path hypotheses all the time, and as early as possible during the design and build process, in order to validate them quickly.

Ongoing Usability Testing helps us determine that we're solving our customers' needs successfully and it lowers costs for you in the long run.

At Codehouse, we focus on validating hypotheses as we go along, inspecting our proposed solution as we design and build.

With pencil and paper sketches up to high fidelity prototypes we test from a projects' high level hypotheses, such as are the user journeys and overall functionality matching ours and the users' expectations, down to usability of individual modules.

5 users will find 85% of usability problems when testing continuously. Source: MeasuringU

Benefits of usability testing

  • Allows design and development teams to identify problems
  • Design sprints become more efficient
  • Provides accurate time frames on task completion
  • Improves the customer journey as any issues are ironed out
  • Identifies potential user experience changes that can only be seen when the project begins
  • Analyses performance against usability objectives and digital goals
Usability testing

Codehouse usability testing

  • Collaboratively sourcing participants who match your customer personas.
  • Face-to-face and remote usability studies.
  • A/B testing, upfront and on an ongoing basis, to see the differences small changes make in helping to achieve your business goals.
  • Setting up our solution to track user journeys over time to determine what enables success, what doesn't, and where small but impactful changes can be made.

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Featured work
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