User Experience Design is critical in a competitive landscape. We grow businesses by designing user-centric experiences which both engage and delight users as well as meeting digital goals.

We approach User Experience Design through our discovery process, in which we research and gather insights on both your business and your users. Using techniques such as interviews, analysis, persona definitions, user flows and customer journey mapping.

Gathering this insight, we're able to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the functional goals of your business and the personal goals of your users. With this understanding and our technical knowledge and ability to leverage the capabilities of the Sitecore platform, we design solutions in the form of wireframes all the way to interactive prototypes.

We use prototyping as a key step in our wireframing process

We validate our solutions through user testing before committing to high fidelity User Interface Design.

User experience design codehouse 

Our process of insight gathering and design combined with our technical understanding ensures we provide exceptional user experiences that go beyond your users' and business' expectations.

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Featured work
Featured work
Seven Investment Management case study

Award winning 7IM website geared to achieving digital goals

Aligning with other financial institutions is essential to keeping up with competition. Seven Investment Management (7IM) has modernised its website on the Sitecore platform. The website's aim is to improve the user experience, drive conversions and attract new business.


increase in traffic