User research is about understanding your customers' behaviours, their needs, and their intentions of visiting your website.

Before creating anything that your customers use, it's vital to know what they want and what they need, as it relates to your products and services. User Research is vital.

Not only does quantitative and qualitative user research give you an accurate reflection of how your brand is servicing your customers today, it also shows areas for improvement, and even opportunities for bringing services currently fulfilled offline into the digital world.

53% of consumers feel brands fail to meet their experience standards. Source: Acquia

Benefits of user research

  • Allows for fewer assumptions about your users. This reduces the risk of expensive failures
  • Reduce delivery time by having more certainty about what to build
  • Deliver what your customers really want based on new knowledge you gain about your users
User research  

How we approach user research

  • Customer interviews: Face-to-face in person or remotely, or by phone
  • Customer shadowing: Physically shadow and watch how a customer interacts with your brand's services under normal circumstances in their daily life, rather than as part of a focus group
  • Clickstream analysis: Record and analyse how customers navigate your website, to indicate areas for improvement but also point out what's working really well. We can also repeat this activity after launch of a new website to validate UX decisions
  • Customer feedback: Conduct survey and gather NPS score data to help improve services, but also identify bottlenecks, providing you with both quantitative and qualitative analysis and results

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Featured work
Featured work
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APM Terminals’ website is seeing huge improvement in stickiness, engagement, and in driving customer action, all around the world...


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