Sitecore personalisation allows you to show the right content to the right visitors through the right channel at the right time.

Sitecore personalisation has the power to refine user journeys, increase engagement and conversions, improve ROI, and ultimately help achieve digital goals.

Types of Sitecore personalisation

Sitecore uses implicit and explicit approaches to drive personalisation. It's important to understand the basics of Sitecore personalisation as this allows you to tailor user journeys based on how and when visitors interact with your website. Sitecore personalisation is based on 4 types of personalisation approaches:

Showing personalised content is no longer a novel feature— it’s an expected part of the user experience.

Sitecore profiling, geolocation, goals and campaigns, visit history, browsing paths, visitor behaviour and more can be used in Sitecore to display personalised content to visitor segments.

Sitecore 9.3 uses AI Auto Personalisation to deliver content. The AI algorithm detects new segments and then auto-personalises content based on its findings. Sitecore’s flexibility even caters for custom rules, meaning you can personalise content based on your business needs.

Planning for personalisation

Keeping your website visitors engaged requires a strategic approach. That’s why planning a personalisation roadmap is key to increased engagement and to achieving your digital goals.

Our Sitecore experts and digital consultants have the experience to develop an effective Sitecore personalisation strategy. This is done understanding business needs and digital objectives and then setting out simple steps or ‘Quick Wins’ on the way to climbing the Codehouse personalisation maturity curve.

Maturity curve

We've worked with many customers spanning a variety of industries. We’ve helped them leverage Sitecore personalisation to enrich the customer experience, nurture leads and increase conversions.

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Featured work
Featured work
The AA case study

Transformation project increases revenue and online traffic

The AA's digital transformation program involved the re-development of five key sections with the aim of generating demand for products, driving cost savings, improving the customer experience, exposing The AA to a wider audience and differentiates the AA brand.


increase in traffic